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John Miller and Jesica Cutler have been teaching tango together since 2013 and in that time have developed a style that is fun, connected, and precise. They have taught and performed at numerous festivals across North America, including the Boulder Tango Festival, Salt Lake City Tango Festival, Tree City Tango, Mountain Milonga Retreat, Baja EcoTango Festival, Uni-Tango, Windy City Tango Festival, Montana Tango Uprising, and Tango on the Rocks. Their primary influences have been Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Omar and Monica Ocampo, Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez, Nick Jones, old videos of Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves, and of course, El Cachafaz. 

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